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August 29, 2019

Campaign announces endorsements 

The campaign has created an endorsement page (look in the toolbar or click here) and announced a lot of supporters.  

Check out the list and see if there is anyone you know.  They all agree that it's time for a change on the State Board of Education!  

September 19, 2019

Kerner testifies at the HCDE board meeting


The Harris County Department of Education is a county wide agency, providing needed educational services to the 25 school districts in Harris County, including special schools, after school programs, and Head Start.  

The Board voted on the tax rate, proposed to be lowered to .005029, equivalent to about $5 per year for a $100,000 house.  The President of the Board wanted it lowered to $0.004, but the Board voted to lower it to $0.005, less than what was originally proposed, but not as low as the president proposed.

Kerner reminded the board that fiscal responsibility means adequate funding of the department’s important programs. We must adequately fund education and not continue to cut needed services.  Pennies a month will not bankrupt the homeowner, but it will make a big difference to the children who need the educational services.

October 21, 2019 

Vote FOR Proposition 7


Early voting starts now.  Please vote FOR Proposition 7 in November.  


If this proposition passes, it means that there would be more money for public schools. 


An analysis from State Rep. Garnet Coleman says the “[p]rop. 7 would authorize the General Land Office to increase the funds distributed to the available school fund each year to $600 million.  The SBOE would be authorized to make a distribution of up to $600 million each year under this constitutional amendment.”

December 18, 2019

Charles Kuffner Interview

Take a listen to my interview with Houston blogger Charles Kuffner.  

January 14, 2020 

Front Page of the New York Times


We've come to expect this politicization, and even Steven Colbert has made the board a national punch line! 

Changing how we approve textbooks is one of the reasons I am running for SBOE District 6. 

In 2020 we can make concrete change, impacting hundreds of thousands of students and their future. 



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