Elected Officials - Current and Former 

  • Adrian Garcia, County Commissioner

  • Boris Miles, State Sen.

  • Alma Allen, State Rep.

  • Ron Reynolds, State Rep.

  • Gene Wu, State Rep.

  • Ellen Cohen,  Houston City Council Member

  • Danny Norris, Harris County School Trustee

  • Annise Parker, Frm. Houston Mayor

  • Paul Colbert, Frm. State Rep.

  • Sue Hauenstein, Frm. Ft. Bend ISD Trustee 

  • Jim Henley, Frm. Harris County School Trustee

  • Howard Jefferson, Former Harris County School Trustee 

  • Erica Lee Carter, former Harris County School Trustee 

  • Herman Litt, former HCC Trustee and Board Chair

  • Sherrie Matula, former Clear Creek ISD Trustee

  • Kristi Thibaut, former State Rep.

  • Jim Sharp, Former Justice 


Civic, Non Profit and Business Leaders  

  • Gayle Fallon, former President of Houston Federation of Teachers

  • Ellen Stupak-Shaw, community activist and former teacher

  • Richard Shaw, former Secretary-Treasurer Houston AFL-CIO   

  • Ellen Leventhal, children’s author

  • Bert Moser, former judicial candidate

  • Laura Moser, former candidate TX CD7  

  • James Cargas, former candidate TX CD 7 

  • Rita Lucido, former Democratic Nominee SD 17

  • Ilona Thomson, former principal

  • Jim Peacock, former judicial candidate

  • April Fox, former Director of Special Programs, La Porte ISD

  • Dakota Carter, former Democratic candidate SBOE, District 6


Religious Leaders 

  • Tamika Baker, Pastor of Union Bethel AME Church

Democratic Party Officials 

  • Lane Lewis, Former Chair HCDP

  • Gerry Birnberg, Frm. Chair HCDP

  • Jan Adam, Pct. Captain

  • Tyrone Byrd, Pct. Chair

  • Dee Coleman, Pct Chair

  • AJ Durrani, DNC member

  • David Feldwisch, Pct Chair, Harris County SD 17 Section Leader

  • Alan Guttman, Harris County Pct Chair 403, Treasurer SD 17 Harris, SD17 Harris Section Leader

  • Daisy Hernandez, Pct. Chair

  • Marsha Kamish, Pct. Chair

  • Phillip McNutt, Pct. Chair (and other stuff)

  • Karla Mills, Sd 17 Section Leader and Pct. Chair

  • Shirley Nicola, Pct. Captain

  • Vincent Sanders, Harris County Precinct Chair

  • Terrance Shanks, SDEC SD 13 Committeeman

  • Tom Vinson, Harris County Precinct chair, Harris County SD 17 Section Leader

  • Jerry Wald, Harris County Pct. Chair

  • Rosalie Weisfled, former SDEC SD20 Committee Woman

  • Karen Wheaton, Former SDEC SD7 Committee Woman and Pct Chair

  • Carol Wheeler, Pct Chair, SD17 Section Leader and Fmr. SDEC SD17 Committee Woman 


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