Debra Kerner is an educator, working with students of all ages, giving them the tools to understand, communicate and learn.  She's also a former elected official, serving on the Harris County Department of Education Board, making her ready to serve on day one.
Advocating for Texas Children
Preparing Students

Let’s teach Texas’ children how to learn, give them the tools to develop critical thinking skills, and encourage them to find their purpose.  Upon leaving high school, students need to be ready for college, technical degrees or a career.


This means giving educators the tools to be great at their job, kids the knowledge to be competitive with peers in other states and countries, and parents the confidence we all have their back.  


Taking harsh and divisive politics out of the State Board of Education should be a priority because Texans expect better.  


The Board’s right-wing proposals make it a national punch-line, doing nothing to help prepare Texas’ schoolchildren for the future.  

Kerner will be a strong advocate on the Board, leading by example and putting Texas students first. 

Financial Accountability


The SBOE oversees the Permanent School Fund.  A recent Houston Chronicle report showed widespread mismanagement.  


Politically connected investment managers are collecting exorbitant fees while returns lag behind other comparable funds.  

That means less money for education and less money to make sure our kids have the tools they need to succeed.

Kerner will be a watchdog and hold people accountable for their actions and will maximize the money the Fund directs. 

She'll seek an independent audit so we can determine if there are other issues with the management of the Permanent School Fund. 

Curriculum Development

In the past, curriculum was developed by Texas Education Agency educators who specialized in that area. Science educators developed the science curriculum, for example.  


It makes sense, if you think about it: letting the experts weigh in on curriculum development is the same as letting a cardiologist work on your heart.  Or a pilot fly your airplane.


The SBOE has made curriculum development fodder for late night comedians, harming students in the process.


The solution is to let educators who specialize in that area and utilize best practices, write the curriculum.  Utilize master educators from around the state and tap their knowledge and experience.

Restoring Trust in the SBOE

The Texas State Board of Education has been a national punch line for too long.  The entire politicization harms our children.


The SBOE's job should be focused on Texas' students.  In 2020 we can make a positive change by sending Kerner, an educator and former Harris County Education Department trustee, to the SBOE in District 6.  


For too long, the SBOE has been a national embarrassment.  Kerner will work with parents, students and the community to restore trust in the SBOE. 


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